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Adda river hydro power plants

During one of my MTB rides at the Cancano lakes I stumbled into this beatifull dam which is part of the A2A Hydro power of Valtellina : 8 hydro power plants from cancano lakes down to Stazzona near Tirano using water coming from the Adda river and from other 4 different basins :

  • San Giacomo : 10MW
  • Braulio : 19 MW
  • Premadio : 226 MW
  • Grosio : 428 MW
  • Grosotto/Boscaccia : 13 MW
  • Lovero 49 MW
  • Stazzona : 30 MW

Adda river continues is ride down to Po river and in the mean time produces some other Hydro power in 4 hydro power plants that have been sold to EDF :

  • Bertini : 12,5MW
  • Taccani : 11 MW
  • Semenza : 7 MW
  • Esterle : 32 MW

and then into some other small powerplants :

  • Rusca : 7 MW
  • Italgen Vaprio : 21 MW
  • Crespi (Adda Energia) : No data
  • Adda S.Anna : No data
  • Fara : 1 MW
  • Muzza : 2,5 MW
  • Maleo : 4,5 MW
  • Pizzighettone : 3 MW

A total of around 900 MW of clean, renewable, hydroelectric power!


Google C++ style guide : something every C++ coder out there should read or ““Within C++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling to get out.” — Bjarne Stroustrup”

Having over 100 million lines of C++ code, google took the C++ problem (language with so many features, different ways of doing the same things, dangerous constructs, some pointers to the problems with c++ can be found on wikipedia, and here for an authoritative opinion)  seriously and this is what came out.

Some interesting decisions taken :

“We do not use C++ exceptions.” from here

“Avoid defining macros, especially in headers; prefer inline functions, enums, and const variables. Name macros with a project-specific prefix. Do not use macros to define pieces of a C++ API.” from here.

“Avoid complicated template programming” from here

“Within C++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling to get out.” — Bjarne Stroustrup