2024 Reading list (updated as we go)

MS/DOS 4.01 is open source

Contents shortage for AI :

Meta, for instance, trained its new Llama 3 models with about 10 times more data and 100 times more compute than Llama 2. Amid a chip shortage, it used two 24,000 GPU clusters, with each chip running around the price of a luxury car. It employed so much data in its AI work, it considered buying the publishing house Simon & Schuster to find more.

Stop doing cloud if not necessary (I’m saying this since years..)

Redis forks (after the licence change) :
– redict : Drew DeVault + others?
– valkey : backed by AWS, Google, Oracle, Ericsson, and Snap, with the Linux Foundation; more to come imo.

nginx new fork (others forks are openresty)

Too much hype about Devin : Debunking Devin: “First AI Software Engineer” Upwork lie exposed!

Matt Mullenweg buys Beeper (already owns and Element (New Vector)) consolidating his position in based messaging services :

golang fasthttp (replacement for standard net/http if you need “to handle thousands of small to medium requests per second and needs a consistent low millisecond response time”. “Currently fasthttp is successfully used by VertaMedia in a production serving up to 200K rps from more than 1.5M concurrent keep-alive connections per physical server.”

Back to basics 🙂 Bloom filter

1 billion row challenge :

golang : alternative to cgo ?

Command line benchmark tool :

New jpegli, jpeg-xl derived :

Edge CDN techniques : Shielding from fastly i.e. use a designated edge cache instead of origin on a edge cache miss.

Apple car not interesting anymore :

golang error handling the Uber way :

nginx forking : Maxim Dounin annouces on the nginx forum,299130

Quad 9 free dns :

UI testing the netflix way :

Check it out : the new super-ide

Lex/Yacc today :

Inside Stripe Engineering Culture, a series a posts :

I find truly interesting the point around promoting a write culture (Execs/Directors in tech blog, SWEs on tech blogs/internal technical documents) :
I’m a long-time believer that writing clarifies thinking more than talking and writing persists information, makes it searchable, talking does not. “Verba volant, scripta manent” as the Latins use to say. But this idea shifted into “just enough” documentation (which means it is not necessary) in SW engineering latest methodologies so it is interesting that a multi billion company like stripe is going totally against the tide.