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When products/business units ignore each other : Samsung phone and Samsung TV

Let’s assume that you have a Samsung S6 phone and a Samsung TV and that you use videostream for example to see your pc videos on the tv. So since you want to change your tv source to use  chromecast you download the samsung tv remote app (which could have been already installed on a samsung phone) so that you can do everything from your phone, select country and language, wait 10 minutes of download of you have no idea what and in the end …. no tv source change in the samsung tv remote app. But you can see the whole tv product set, ranging from  90″ curved screen to anything else … but no tv source change control …

Videostream guys, please put in your app a universal tv remote feature so that all operations on tv can be done from within the videostream app.

Forecasting increase in electricity needs by introducing electric traction in automobile

A growth in electric vehicles on European roads will need a corresponding  growth in electricity production to serve charging of these cars, both in peak production power and in total annual power. Let’s take italy for example which currently has a total year consumption of around 300 TWh (terna). Considering :

This accounts for 2250 KWh/year for each electric car. Considering 2 milion new cars per year and a 0.5 % of electric cars sold (10000) this means an additional 22 GWh/year to be produced to allow charging them.
So your electric car will consume like a small household (depending on your mileage) and personal/distributed production of electricity (domestic + accumulation) will be necessary.

If you want to really dig deeper : here.