On the importance of having a second head to test code and TDD ( Coders just don’t want to break their code )

Good Coders don’t want to break their code because their code is like a creature and nobody wants to harm a creature. Take a note, this is how it is. Good Coders tests are just ‘combing’ the code they should test. But this creature has bugs, no matter how good the Coder is, so good Coders are bad at writing tests on their own code.

A good test tries to tear code apart, to abuse it doing the nastiest things, at the maximum possible speed, in the worst possible way : this is why you should consider making another set of tests by another coder which has not written the code itself.

But with TDD this is difficult : I like the idea that a Coder writes it’s software use cases before writing the software itself but I’m missing how to include in this process a second head to develop some really nasty tests on that piece of code and I’m not a great fan of pair programming (for many reasons).

So open issue for me here : how to include development by a second head of integration tests.

(In the picture : good coders and good testers 🙂 )