Measuring memory footprint of a linux/macosx application


If you’re selling an API or an application which is deployed on production systems, one of the questions your customers might ask you is what is the memory footprint of your API/application in order for them to account for an increase of memory requirements due to using your product. After some research I think that the best tool for measuring and debugging any increases/decrease of your mem footprint is valgrind –tool=massif together with ms_print reporting tools.

Massif is a Heap memory profiler and will measure how much/when you allocate heap memory in your code and show the involved code. Run :

valgrind --tool=massif

this will execute the code and generate a massif.out.<pid> file that you may visualize with

ms_print massif.out.<pid>

Take a ride, the output is absolutely useful and you will have an histogram of how much memory is used at every sampling moment.